Video communications in Government are on the rise

As companies undergo digital transformation, communities are calling on state governments to follow suit.

How government currently use video

  • Employer engagement: driving internal employee engagement with a secure, internal department 'tube'
  • Public education: ensuring audiences have access to the learning resources they need
  • Community messages: community schemes, community impact pieces, behind the scenes, or social activities
  • Media centres: agencies are placing content to the public via Media Centre web portals
  • Public relations: use video to maintain appropriate relationships with the public

Some of Viostream's platform features

  • Centrally manage all your video assets
  • Data stored locally in Australia
  • High performance analytics
  • Easily facilitate from multiple devices uploads
  • Share to social media
  • Event live streaming and customisable webcast templates
  • Closed captions, calls to actions, and chaptering 
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Video when used in Digital Government can be transformational

Download a copy of Viostream's presentation from the Government Digital Communications Summit 2018.

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Download a copy of "The Role of Video in Digital Government" fact sheet


Video is rapidly becoming the optimum tool to support digital transformation, provide better experiences for online users and connect more meaningfully with audiences to deliver digital government.

Download The Role in the Digital Government fact sheet to understand:

  • The effect of integrating streaming video online communications or service portals
  • Why Government agencies need to rethink their online video platform in terms of reputational risk, brand perception, security and accessibility
  • How video streaming is transforming stakeholder and community engagement 


Download The Future of Live Streaming research paper to understand why video can be so effective

Download the future of live research update to understand why video is so effective:


Why does video work effectively for audience engagement?

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Don't just take our word for it. Here is what our customers have to say...

“The Australian Government has embarked upon an ambitious, challenging, but necessary agenda, to improve the way services are delivered to the Australian public” – State of the Service Report 2015.

“Viostream has enabled real-time communication to all staff delivering improved engagement and significant savings in travel and disruption for  briefings” – quote from a Federal Government Department.


“It’s always a pleasure working with people who know what they are doing, and yesterday showed that the people involved with our video streaming solution (and Viostream as an organisation) certainly know what they are doing.  I’d like to thank each of you for the work you have put in over the past few weeks, but I’d also like to extend the thanks to all the guys working behind the scenes as well” - quote from a Federal agency.
“NSW government agency x needed a solution to upload live and on-demand video content from the field and manage the distribution of this rich media content to media, internal viewers and the public” – quote from a NSW State government agency.
“We really needed videos to be integrated with the digital services. So we wanted to transition between online content into a video back to a service in a really integrated way...” – quote Assistant Commissioner, at a Federal agency.
“There were many parties involved today, and Viostream were one of the best performers. You had great communication, all equipment and services supplied by you guys worked 100%. Lots of problems elsewhere so thank you for your help” – quote from a NSW State agency.
“We wanted to say thank you for going above and beyond to make today happen. We wouldn’t have been able to pull today off without your continuing level of support and your ability to work with the team to deliver events that push the boundaries of technology and the industry. This was an unprecedented level of success for us, and we’re looking forward to working together to drive our livestream service to the next level over the next 12 months” – quote from a Federal Government agency.
“We’ve used Viostream to set up an ‘agency TV channel’ as one of our main internal communication channels. We distribute corporate messages to staff in a relevant, timely and engaging format. We share information between branches and most importantly throughout our state network. And we create a rich and lasting pool of information for all staff to access” – Acting Director - Corporate Communications - from a Federal Government agency.

“I love the concept of ‘turn on and go’” – quote from large Government Department, on Viostream's live stream services.

How do you make video a valuable corporate asset?

Fully branded copy

WCAG accessibility for multimedia

 Captions (CC)

A transcript of all audio elements of a video that are synchronised with the video.
Captions cover all audio elements including dialogue, sound effects, and descriptions of music if they are important in the context of the video.


A downloadable, written version of the material presented in the video. 
For vision impaired users, these can be read out by a screen reader at the user’s preferred speed.

Keyboard Navigation

Keyboard control of the video player and allows your viewers to tab into the player, begin playback, adjust volume or seek through the video without needing to use a mouse.

Audio Description (AD)

A verbal commentary of key visual elements in the video, to make what is happening on screen clear through sound.

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