Understand how to effectively use video in your department

Gain the skills & resources needed to deliver an effective video communications plan now

Here's how you can get Video Communications Right

A 2 hour practical workshop for your Government Organisation”

The Getting Business Video Right workshop is only 2 hours of your time and will provide you with an overview and examples of video communications utilisation from other businesses.

The Let’s Discover...module discusses the following:

  1. Use cases for video communications
  2. Measurements for success
  3. Prioritisation
  4. Dependencies

Then we run your through an in house capability assessment discussing sources, managing content, interaction, and publishing videos.

The workshop wraps up with recommendations that are customised for your department so you can get started using video effectively.



Evaluate your in-house Video capability

We work with you to provide flexible video sourcing for:

  • User generated content
  • Managed services
  • In-house capability
  • Live events
  • Video/ web conferencing


Evaluate the right video options for your department

  • Discovery around security considerations
  • Viewer control & Accessibility
  • Interactive video
  • Searchable video & galleries
  • Compliance
  • Analytics


Best practice advice (or guidance) for video publishing and analytics

  • Discovery around security considerations
  • Intranets
  • Websites
  • Learning management
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Digital Signage
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Download The Top 5 Best-Practices Using Video in Government Checklist 


When best practices are deployed in large organisations the results can be transformational.

What technology do you need to adopt? What capabilities do you need inhouse? What content strategy should you develop? Do you need to adapt your messaging and values before you start broadcasting to a large audience?

Download the checklist and discover: 

  • The 5 best-practices for live video streaming in government.
  • A quick reference guide for government decision makers.


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Role of Video in Digital Government Fact Sheet

Video is rapidly becoming the optimum tool to support digital transformation, provide better experiences for online users and connect more meaningfully with audiences to deliver digital government.

Download The Role in the Digital Government Fact Sheet to understand:

  • The effect of integrating streaming video online communications or service portals
  • Why Government agencies need to rethink their online video platform 
  • How video streaming transforms stakeholder and community engagement 



Australian Tax Office 

ATOTV -  Australian Tax Once The ATO identified video as a powerful way to support digital transformation, and launched it’s own branded video portal to leverage the power of rich media content across all its internal and external digital channels. Now the ATO is rolling out help videos in online tax forms, providing integrated, contextually relevant support to enhance completions.

 Remo Giuffre - TEDx Sydney

TEDx – Live Streaming to hearts and minds

“It’s gratifying to know that we’re doing all we can to maximise the experiential impact of event day by using the online streaming platform to reach as many of the hearts and minds as we can possibly reach”

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Video, in particular live video streaming, is emerging as a powerful marketing and communications tool for delivering rich, informative content that is far more likely to...


Government Series_ How video streaming can improve community engagement

Viostream partnered with Fresh Focus to conduct a series of online and face to face interviews to determine the requirements and market for a self service live streaming platform...



One of the key factors driving engagement in today’s digital world is the growing dominance of ‘video’ as the medium of choice for communicating information and sharing ideas...