Increase brand awareness, connect with your customers, and tell a story that accurately illustrates your company’s mission and purpose ...


A 4 hour practical workshop for your organisation

The Discovery Workshop is a comprehensive 4 hour session and will provide you with an overview and examples of video communications and  utilisation from other businesses. We will facilitate you through a video use case discovery session to identify where your business can look at optimising your video communications across multiple departments.

The Discovery Workshop discusses the following:

    1. Current video trends and case studies
    2. Current state of video communications in your organisation/department
    3. An evaluation of your in-house video capability including human and technical resources
    4. Identification and prioritisation of video communication use cases
    5. Next steps and insights into managing and distributing your video content

Viostream will deliver a personalised report capturing workshop findings and recommendations. 

Workshop price - $2500*

*Book before June 30 for a 25% discount ($1,875)

Host workshop within 6mo of booking.